Those who communicate clearly show that they have clear ideas

Those who communicate clearly show that they have clear ideas

Chi comunica in modo chiaro dimostra di avere le idee chiare
30 Giugno 2020
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1 Luglio 2020

Close your eyes and try to imagine two situations: in the first you are talking to an interlocutor who clearly explains his thoughts to you. In the second you are not as lucky because the exposure is confusing. What are your feelings in the first and second scenarios?

When someone makes you understand what they have in mind without costing you fatigue or excessive concentration, how do you feel? And in the opposite case?

Our brain invokes simplicity. He has to process thousands of decisions every day and he can’t know too much to do it. Indeed, the more information it receives, the more confusing it becomes, especially when it is abundant and not verbalized.

Through communication we judge others and others judge us. If someone speaks in a confused way it is almost instinctive to ask oneself: “He is prepared, but?”, “He will be really competent?”, “Is he perhaps trying to evade the answer?”. No wonder they then avoid us.

Good speaking is good thinking, English friends remind us.

Those who communicate clearly show that they have clear ideas, thereby nurturing and enhancing personal reputation.

Among the many useful tools for cultivating clear communication, I propose three:

1. Use examples and not vague conceptualizations

If we say that something is difficult, problematic, complex, in reality we are not saying anything. They are inconsistent and above all subjective concepts, as such interpretable at will.
What is complex for you may not be complex for others. Let’s take an example instead of what we mean by difficult. Those who read or listen to us will understand better and will probably identify with us, improving the relationship.

2. Separate concepts: keep ideas distinct

Beyond personal preference, imagine a baked pork knuckle covered with polenta, peas and potatoes. And then imagine a plate of sushi. What seems most digestible to you? Think about why …
Like Japanese food, if you pass on ideas to others one piece after another, you will be able to better digest the contents. They will follow you more easily, carefully and confidently. And you will be more satisfied with the effectiveness of your communication.

3. Telegrams: Imagine that words cost money

You will become parks in using them! Strive to get to the essence of the concept, to pass value with little. From less is more to do more with less.


  • If you are looking for other suggestions, I invite you to read my White Paper. I will be happy if you want to share your considerations: The secrets of effective communication
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