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Career: Become a reference

Carriera: Diventa un riferimento
19 Gennaio 2020
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26 Gennaio 2020

It is true that Oscar Wilde wrote that “consistency is the last refuge of unimaginative people”, but, trust me, the consistency is good for the manager’s brand.

Once the values and positions that characterize your brand have been defined, it will be a manifestation of integrity to others that will strengthen your reputation.

The inconsistency, the manifestation of contradictory messages, confuses those around you. Instead, the decisive transmission of the messages characterizing your brand will make your value perceived. Keeping this commitment of coherence towards every interaction with others will certainly lead to success.

This commitment on leaving one's mark on everything you do, in distinguishing yourself from the crowd, must be pursued at all times. For consistency with your brand and being respectful to the organization that believed in your brand, intentionally and promptly define how to leave your mark in every meeting, in every phone call, in every informal contact. Each occasion can thus be transformed into an activity to strengthen your brand and consolidate your team.

True leaders know that in order to remain such, they must evolve throughout their lives. Only by staying in line with the continuous changes and transformation of the world of work, the big brand find an opportunity to evolve and become a reference.

So the Leopardian “crazy and desperate study” must accompany us all our life. The study concerns the technical merit of your field of operation, but also the development of new skills suited to the changing context. So continue to study what will be indispensable and precious for your future and for the organization in which you operate!


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