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Gian Andrea Iapichino

After my law studies and some short work experience, I chose to work at TIM because I was convinced of the centrality of communications in contemporary society.

Over the course of my career, I have focused on the challenges associated with managing people internationally and the processes of change.

The professional achievements that represent me mostly are as follows:

- 2020 Implementation of a corrective system for the territorial dispersion of skills.
- 2019 Design and implementation of a collaborative problem solving model.
- 2018 Implementation of a digital platform capable of integrating the provision of all welfare services according to a simplification approach.
- 2017 Launch of the Longevity project, which redefined the approach to aging focusing on ways to preserve people's creative and productive capacity.
- 2016 Introduction of agile work for around 12,000 people as an inclusive lever for the development of digital skills
- 2015 Co-design of the "Playbook" of skills development, which defined the logical algorithm that ensures each employee the development actions based on his annual performance.
- 2013 Participation in the project for the accomplishment of the New Skills Development Model.
- 2006 Release of the new remuneration policy for expatriates, which has simplified the management of the individual position and led to make the economic expectations of the expatriate sustainable.
- 1999 Analysis of the tax risks associated with sending staff abroad and introduction of corrections differentiated by country.

TIM professional curriculum
- Today Territorial Footprint Project Manager
- August 2018 Human Resources Manager North East
- June 2016 Responsible for People Caring (Welfare Manager)
- April 2015 HRO referent contact person for the Smart Working Project
- January 2014 RHead of human resources in People Value Caring Services of North-Eastern Italy
- July 2011 Human Resources Manager for Tuscany and Liguria
- February 2010 Customer Care Human Resources Manager of the North East
- February 2009 Human Resources Manager for staff functions and corporate and international activities
- September 2008 Manager of managerial development
- January 2004 HR manager for international operations
- November 2002 Human Resources Manager for Center-North Network
- July 2002 Head of human resources for network functions in the General Management
- January 2000 Expat Management Manager
- January 1996 Expat professional management
- April 1992 Professional of personnel management
- July 1989 Human Resources Manager Pisa Agency
- November 1988 Professional of personnel management